Regulatome of maize SAM related HomeoBox genes
Luo, Z., Wu L., Miao, X., Zhang, S., Wei, N., Zhao, S., … & Li, L.. Dynamic regulatome of shoot apical meristem related HomeoBox genes modulates plant architecture of maize. (Submitted).
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Additional file1: 1-A-intergrated-31TFs-regulatome-network.txt Download
Additional file2: 2-SAM-dynamic-network-of-31TFs.txt Download
Additional file3: 3-Internode-and-stem-dynamic-network-of-31TFs.txt Download
Additional file4: 4-Endosperm-dynamic-network-of-31TFs.txt Download
Additional file5: 5-Leaf-dynamic-network-of-31TFs.txt Download
Additional file6: 6-Tassel-dynamic-network-of-31TFs.txt Download
Additional file7: 7-Transcriptome-GRN-pairs.txt Download
Additional file8: 8-Translatome-GRN-pairs.txt Download
Additional file9: Download
Additional file10: 10-Binding-peaks-by-tsCUT& Download
Gene regulatory networks (GRN)
Zhu, W., Miao, X., Qian, J., … & Li, L. (2023). A translatome-transcriptome multi-omics gene regulatory network reveals the complicated functional landscape of maize. Genome Biology.
 Gene regulatory networks (GRN)
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Additional file13: Merged regulatory pairs predicted by union GRN Download
Additional file14: Predicted regulatory pairs of high-confidence GRN Download
Additional file15: Predicted sub-GRN likely occurred in endosperm Download
Additional file16: Predicted sub-GRN likely occurred in leaf Download
Additional file17: Predicted sub-GRN likely occurred in root Download
Additional file18: Predicted sub-GRN likely occurred in SAM-embryo Download
 The constructed GRN based on the mean values of rep1 and rep2.
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mean_mmGRN_top_1_million Download
mean_TmGRN_top_1_million Download
mean_TTGRN_top_1_million Download