We developed a BSA method driven by deep learning (DL) —DeepBSA for QTL mapping and functional gene cloning, which is compatible with a variable number of bulked pools and performed well in both animals and plants. A user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) for DeepBSA was produced, which integrated five widely used BSA algorithms and our two newly developed algorithms. The DeepBSA software is freely available to non-commercial users at and
Li Z., Chen X., Shi S., Zhang H., Wang X., Chen H., Li W., and Li L. (2022). DeepBSA: A deep-learning algorithm improves bulked segregant analysis for dissecting complex traits. Mol. Plant. doi:
2022.07.25 version1.1
2022.08.16 version1.2
2022.08.30 version1.3
2022.11.15 version1.4
  Download for Windows v1.5   Download for Windows v1.4  Download for Linux v1.4
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A cost-saving novel genotyping and epigenotyping method for Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) data. On this basis, the website provides convenient analysis functions for the NGS data obtained in the experiment, making genotyping easier.
Li, J., Han, R., Li, R., Xu, Q., Li, M., Tang, Y., ... & Li, L. (2023). iBP-seq: An efficient and low-cost multiplex targeted genotyping and epigenotyping system. The Crop Journal.
Maize Interactome
The first-generation multi-omics integrative functional map of maize, which contains over 15 million edges for more than 1000 functional modules, covering the whole genetic transmission from genome, to transcriptome, to translatome, and to proteome.
Han, L., Zhong, W., Qian, J., Jin, M., Tian, P., Zhu, W., ... & Li, L. (2023). A multi-omics integrative network map of maize. Nature Genetics, 55(1), 144-153.