Group Leader
Prof. Lin Li
Professor of the College of Plant Science and Technology, Huazhong Agricultural University, Director of the Department of Smart Agriculture, and reward of overseas high-level talents and ChuTian Scholar in Hubei Province, winner of Merit youth scholar fund of NSFC. His research topic is focused on biological big data and systems biology. Using biological big data and artificial intelligence technology, he is dedicated in dissection of molecular mechanism underlying maize plant architecture and molecular mechanism of the trade-off of silage maize biomass and quality variation, which provide fundamental knowledge and germplasm resources for high-yield and high-quality silage maize breeding. He has published more than 46 research papers in international prestigious journals.
Current Member
Li Juan
Wang Xi
Huang Yijun
Li Zhao
Luo Zi
Miao Xinxin
Song Zemeng
Han Rui
Zhou Tao
Shang Xiaoyang
Xie Dan
Liang Chengyong
Xu Mengyi
Qin Xiaomeng
Xu Yuwei
Wang Zhihui
Zhang Yuqing
Yang Yuting
Fan Yi
Li Ziyao
Wang Zihan
Zhang Ran
Wang Zizhou
Tao Xinyi
Han Linqian
Wei Junfeng
Qian Jia
Zhu Wanchao
Li Mingzhu
Tian Peng
Xiong Zimo
Chen Sijia
Shi Shaoqiang
Liang Yan
Jin Qixiao
Rabail Afzal